What is Programming??

C-chan! ! Speaking of summer vacation, programming ~! !

What happened suddenly? Professor?

What about your self-chosen study as summer homework ?

It is summer vacation from today! I haven’t even done my homework yet! !
But what is programming?

Don’t you know programming? ?
Then, your self-chosen study is decided to be programming ~!

Don’t decide in advance (* `ω ‘)
But I wonder what programming is! ?

Well, to put it simply, programming is just a word for talking to a computer.

Words for Computer Speaking? _?

Yeah! A lot of programming is used even in your daily life!
For example, you see, this computer is working by programming! !

? ? ? I do not know well? ?
I have a computer in my house and I often look at youtube, etc.

Yes, youtube! !
YouTube is also made by programming! !

Is that so? So I have to study programming to become a Youtuber like Hikakin? ?
My dream for the future is youtuber (* ^^ *)

Shii-chan is now a primary schoolchild ~
(You’re going to study programming to become a Youtuber, but I just shut it up.)

Okay, I’m programming this summer’s vacation program! !
Thank you very much! !
By the way, what is it?

Just as I said earlier, programming is a term for talking to a computer for personal computers! !
When I want my computer to do something like this, I can use programming to get it done.

Well, if I can program, I can make a lot of sweets on our PC (* ^^ *)

It’s difficult ~
But you can, for example, create your favorite YouTube and Instagram! !
Besides that, programming is also used for Pokemon-like games, Cell phone apps, and even home TVs and refrige! !

I understand (I don’t know well now, whatever..)! !
For now, I will do programming to become a youtuber!

Good! Then! Let’s start programming!!

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